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Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman's Journey (Book) - Katrina Zeno

Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman's Journey (Book) - Katrina Zeno



Explore the unique, creative abilities of women, and their distinctive call to make a gift of self. Drawing from John Paul II's theology of the body, and her own life experiences, Katrina Zeno shares her insights into the human and spiritual journey of women.

Discovering the Feminine Genius presents a framework in which women can discover and understand their human and spiritual journey as a daughter of God, a woman, a unique individual, and spouse of the Spirit. Katrina Zeno, renowned speaker on the theology of the body, explores the role of women in our complex world and explains the concept of the feminine genius.

"This book is based on a retreat for women that I have been giving since 1998. I know that the material is tried and true because I have seen it change thousands of lives. Additionally, I constantly have women who have bought the book email me or comment to me as to how much they benefited from the book. The most frequent comment I receive about my writing and speaking is that I make difficult concepts easy to grasp and I articulate what people know and experience but can't put into words." 
-From the author


Features & Benefits:


  • Based on John Paul II's groundbreaking theology of the body.
  • Applies John Paul II's teachings to living the role of the feminine genius.
  • Ideal for personal reflection and prayer/church groups.




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